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Here in St.Lucia we have a whole host of activities for you to experience throughout your stay. Check them out below:

Diving The Coral Reefs

With the dazzling beauty of the palm guarded beaches and lush rain forested mountains in St Lucia, many visitors arrive on the island forgetting that there is also equally alluring underwater scenery in the midst of crystal clear blue water which teams with an abundance of colorful aquatic life. Click here for more information.

Cabot Golf Club

St Lucia

Perched above the Atlantic Ocean and crafted around the cliffs and valleys of Point Hardy’s magnificent landscape, Point Hardy Golf Club offers an unparalleled Caribbean golf experience. Designed more by nature than by man, each hole takes on the unique topography of this incredible site. Course designers Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw have wound the course through lush terrain, over rocky outcrops and along tropical bays and sandy beaches. Click here for further information

Sulphur Springs St.Lucia

The Soufrier Volcano (Sulphur Springs) last erupted in the 1700’s – over 200 years! It originated from a weak spot in the crust of a collapsed volcanic crater, and is considered to be a dormant volcano – unlike the active Soufrier Hills Volcano in the island of Montserrat. One of the best features of the volcano is the ability to dive into the mud baths. Click here for further information.

Pitons Hike Tour

Visiting St Lucia is certainly a must- do experience all its own, but what you do while you are there will make a big difference in how you remember the island.  Hiking gros piton without a guide is not recommended! Click here for further information.

Glass Bottom Boat & Yacht Tours

St. Lucia boasts glass bottom boat tours both in the north, from Rodney Bay, and in the south out of Soufriere. Tours in the north generally round Pigeon Island and visit the relatively undisturbed reefs in the area. Along the way, Zebra and Parrot fish, Barracuda, Eels and Sea Turtles are among the species that are often encountered. Tours from Soufriere take in the reefs in the area Marine Park which are teeming with large schools of colourful fish and a great variety of supporting cast members. And, of course, the views of the Pitons from the boat are excellent. Click here for more information

Plus many more…

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A vast range of experiences at your fingertips to make amazing life long memories.